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Zhejiang province's assistance hotlines for expats

www.zjswqb.gov.cn| Updated: February 12, 2020 L M S

Hangzhou city

24-hour inquiry line: 0571-85155039

Ningbo city

24-hour hotline: 0574-87680042

Huzhou city

24 hours consulting service in English

Wei Li: 13706729906

Lai Zhen: 15868232814

Yiwu city

Tel: 0579-85214963 (24-hour)

24-hour duty special line of municipal prevention and control headquarters and towns (sub-districts)

Municipal Prevention and Control Headquarter: 0579-85532860, 0579-85539123

Fotang town: 0579-85718030

Suxi town: 0579-85919789

Shang'xi town: 0579-85865804

Dachen town: 0579-85988025

Yiting town: 0579-85819018

Chi'an town: 0579-85777018

Choucheng Sub-district: 0579-85222601

Futian Sub-district: 0579-89979621

Jiangdong Sub-district: 0579-85213166

Choujiang Sub-district: 0579-85793110

Beiyuan Sub-district: 0579-85116600

Houzhai Sub-district: 0579-85645131

Niansanli Sub-district: 0579-85015008

Chengxi Sub-district: 0579-85899066

Zhoushan city

Zhoushan Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0580-58095120

Dinghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0580-5808123255, 13587082500

Putuo Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0580-5803012534

Daishan Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0580-5804481645

Shengsi Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 0580-5805081219

Lishui city

Division of foreign affairs: 15925723488, 13957078518

Office of People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries: 15157818662, 13735970566


Shaoxing city

24-hour inquiry line: 0575-85551691

Coronavirus service line of Shaoxing Foreign Affairs Office: 0575-85166293