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Zhejiang to build 10 mountain parks

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-06-02

Zhejiang province recently announced that it will build 10 mountain parks as part of an effort to turn itself into a "big garden".

The parks will be located at 10 famous scenic spots in the province - Tianmu Mountain, Siming Mountain, Yandang Mountain, Mogan Mountain, Kuaiji MountainDapan Mountain, Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park, Tiantai Mountain, Shenxianju Scenic Area and Fengyang Mountain-Baishanzu Natural Reserve.

The main tasks include improving the ecosystem of the scenic spots, improving infrastructure such as roads and electricity supply, preserving and promoting local culture, and developing tourism.

The province aims to build the 10 parks into demonstration areas for eco-friendly development featuring abundant natural resources, lush environments, flourishing industries and a good life for residents by 2022.

Located on hilly lands, Zhejiang has a diverse geological landscape with many rivers and lakes.

It is currently home to a variety of natural protected areas, including 308 natural protected areas at the provincial level and above, 59 scenic areas, 128 forest parks, 66 wetland parks, 14 geological parks and 14 ocean parks.