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Baibu Economic Development Zone

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 8, 2021 L M S

Founded in 2016, Baibu Economic Development Zone is located in Baibu town, Haiyan county, with a planned area of nearly 8.4 square kilometers.

The development zone aims to grow into an eco-friendly smart manufacturing hub in northern Zhejiang with featured industries, complete urban functions, and a sound ecological environment.

Baibu town currently houses 58 companies above designated size, including 14 companies worth 100 million yuan ($15.49 million) and two listed companies.

Four pillar industries have taken shape in the town, namely integrated ceilings, textile and chemical fibers, mechanical equipment manufacturing, as well as trademark printing, with representative companies being Youbang Ceiling, Kingdom, Zhongda, and Hanfang Printing.

Main industries parks and their leading industries:

Integrated Household Industrial Park: Integrated walls, whole house customization, and smart home systems.

Strategic Forerunner Industrial Park: High-end equipment and new materials.

Headquarters Economy Park: Creative research and development, exhibitions, inspection and testing, financial services, e-commerce, industrial design, as well as industrial tourism.

Contact: Fan Guozhen, +86-0573-86585029

Address: 1 Baibudong Road, Baibu town, Haiyang county, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province