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Modern 'Marco Polo' in Hangzhou, episode 3: Canadian designer continues to be inspired by city

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 21, 2021 L M S

Click the video to learn more about Roze Cuevas. [Video/hangzhou.com.cn]

Roze Cuevas, founder and chief designer of the Canadian fashion brand JAC, said she may just love Hangzhou even more than Marco Polo did hundreds of years ago and would like to share her love for Hangzhou with the entire world.

"Marco Polo came to Hangzhou and claimed it as one of the most beautiful and magnificent cities in the world. I too have been living here for nearly 10 years and I experience its beauty every day," Cuevas said.

Cuevas has dreamed of being a fashion designer since she was 18 years old, and was lucky to discover Hangzhou, where she was able to realize her dreams and start her own brand, JAC.

"There is an old Chinese saying goes 'it must be destiny'," Cuevas said.

She has met many like-minded people in Hangzhou, and her friends, partners, and team members have made her feel at home. The city itself has also inspired the designer with its beauty and culture, and Cuevas has infused many local elements into her designs.

In 2018, Cuevas won the Zhejiang Government West Lake Friendship Award, the highest honor for foreign experts who have devoted themselves to the economic and social development of Zhejiang province.

"I hope more foreigners will fall in love with this beautiful and amazing city," Cuevas said.