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Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum opens homestay facility

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: August 26, 2021 L M S


A new homestay facility is now open, close to the Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum. [Photo/WeChat account: jinyunbobao]

The Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum – located in Jinyun county, Lishui city in East China's Zhejiang province – changed gears in a major way by adding a homestay facility called the Maixiang Yinshu, which opened on Aug 16.

"The design concept and architectural features of the Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum are based on local cultural elements and symbols," said museum spokesman Jiang Weiqi.

"We hope to make it a golden name card of cultural tourism that connects with the local national 5A-level Xiandu Scenic Spot," he added.

In October 2020, Jiang, an experienced architect, returned to his hometown and took over the Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum. He was excited and started the search for designers and a professional team to revamp and operate the museum right away.

Then on Dec 30, the Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum became an education base for Lishui's primary and middle school students. Children visiting the facility now learn to identify wheat varieties, study the use of traditional farming tools and experience the process of making Shuangmian, a traditional noodle type specific to Jinyun.

"To inherit and carry forwards the 1,300-year traditional culture of Jinyun Shuangmian, we must start with the children," Jiang said.

To top it off, Jiang had the idea of building a homestay near the museum after he found out there was a shortage of middle to high-end homestays in the surrounding areas. That was when the Maixiang Yinshu homestay came into being.

The homestay has 21 special suites, as well as a multifunctional lounge, which consists of book bar, tea bar and coffee bar.

Through its one-stop offering of catering, accommodation and sightseeing, the Jinyun Shuangmian Noodle Museum has become a popular hit in just 10 months.

"Next, we are going to build a standard workshop for Shuangmian, allowing more tourists to participate in the whole process of making noodles," Jiang said.