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Painting a new growth landscape

By ALEXIS HOOI, WANG LINYAN and MA ZHENHUAN in Quzhou and Lishui, Zhejiang | China Daily| Updated: November 30, 2021 L M S


The iconic mural Roosters is the landmark of Yudong village in the city of Quzhou, Zhejiang province. CHINA DAILY

Rural communities benefit from artistic and cultural pursuits as they embrace new stages of inclusive development

Editor's note: With its people-centered philosophy, China will build the eastern province of Zhejiang into a demonstration zone for achieving common prosperity. This series looks at the latest steps taken in various areas to meet that goal.

When villager Yu Tongde faced the hardships of farming four decades ago, he sought solace in the beauty of the countryside surrounding him.

But Yu didn't just keep the images of bucolic beauty in his mind. He took up his paintbrush and put them on canvas.

"There was that one time early on when my son-in-law put out a flock of sheep. I followed them for three days," said Yu, now 72.

"All paintings have a story. What's in my mind, I just draw them out."

Yu's work, 100 Sheep, went on to win local art accolades and earned him 800 yuan ($125). It also helped set him firmly on course to become one of the farmer-painters who have made Yudong, which is in Kecheng district of Quzhou, a city in Zhejiang province, a famous "painting village".

The painters' works include bold, colorful murals on Yudong's homes and buildings that depict the details of rural life. They also reflect the improvements felt by villagers and their communities as they embrace the next crucial stages of China's economic, social and cultural development toward inclusive growth.

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