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Russian anchor explores ancient castle in Cangnan

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 8, 2021 L M S

[Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Puzhuangsuo Castle in Cangnan county, Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, is a key national cultural relic protection site with a history of more than 630 years and a rich culture. The castle still preserves its original architectural layout and the people there are simple and honest in character.

Although local residents speak a variety of dialects, they have passed down a variety of distinctive nursery rhymes, offering a unique look into the castle's long history and culture.

In this episode, Alexandra, a Russian anchor who has been living and working in Wenzhou for several years, will explore the castle's history, culture, and folk customs from a foreign perspective.

The episode was named after One Star, One Town, a rhyme which has been popular among local children for generations. With a summer night, starry sky, and people enjoying the cool weather as a backdrop, the rhyme brings to life a number of familiar animals such as chickens, ducks, and monkeys as they are busy preparing for a wedding ceremony.

The episode was produced by the Publicity Department of the CPC Cangnan County Committee (Cangnan County Cyberspace Administration) and filmed by the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center.