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Discover Wenzhou culture at Yongjia School of Thought Exhibition Hall

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: December 27, 2021 L M S


The Yongjia School of Thought is located atop Haitan Mountain. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

An exhibition hall displaying a digitalized exhibition on the time-honored Yongjia School of Thought in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province recently opened to the public, local media outlets reported.

The Yongjia School of Thought, which originated in Wenzhou in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), revolves around the core idea of achieving national prosperity and strength through policy reform. It was one of the three schools of thought in the Song Dynasty along with Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan. As the root of Wenzhou culture, it has influenced the Wenzhou people for generations.

Located atop Haitan Mountain in the Haitan Mountain Cultural Park, the hall displays brick-and-mortar exhibits and boasts an online exhibition on the Yongjia School of Thought that makes use of mini-programs and websites.

The online exhibition, which has combed through 1,989 local historical figures, 2,957 groups of figure relationships, and numerous classics and manuscripts, enables people to quickly grasp the essence of the thought and its adherents through simple interactions.

The online exhibition also allows people to follow in the footsteps of ancient scholars to explore various local cultural and tourism spots related to the school of thought.


A visitor learns about famous historical figures related to the thought. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]


An online exhibition deepens people's understanding of the thought. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]