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Zhejiang releases Jan-Nov economic data

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: December 28, 2021 L M S


An employee at Lin'an Rural Commercial Bank counts banknotes at the bank's branch in the Xitianmu area of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. [Photo by Hu Jianhuan/For China Daily]

The Zhejiang Bureau of Statistics recently released the province's economic data for the first 11 months of this year.

The industrial value-added for the province's above-designated-sized companies rose by 14 percent year on year, while the industrial value-added for those in the digital economy sector, equipment industry, strategic emerging industries, and high-tech industries grew by 9.1 percent, 7.6 percent, 8.6 percent, and 9.6 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, the industrial value-added for those from high-energy-consuming industries dropped 1.1 percent year on year.

The province's industrial growth was largely bolstered by robust foreign trade, which surged 31.2 percent over the first 11 months.

The province's societal retail value grew 11.1 percent year on year, and in November, its sales of new energy vehicles, intelligent wearable products, and cameras soared 223.5 percent, 84.4 percent, and 67.2 percent, respectively.

The province's fiscal revenue rose 17.7 percent year on year to 1.3843 trillion yuan ($217 billion) over the first 10 months.

The addition of deposits of both renminbi and foreign currencies in the province’s financial institutions stood at 1.6861 trillion yuan, down 659.5 billion yuan from the previous year. In addition, loans issued by the province’s financial institutions fell by 34.7 billion yuan year on year to 2.0864 billion yuan.