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Recommended coffee shops in Hangzhou

Hangzhoufeel| Updated: December 30, 2021 L M S


[Photo/Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel]

HUG, a new viral hotspot in Hangzhou, is part vintage shop and part coffee shop. Order a cup of coffee on the first floor and then peruse the vintage shop on the second floor. You may even spot a very small terrace where you can get a glimpse of sausages being dried on the balconies of the apartment buildings across the street. It really brings fashion to the ancient alley.


[Photo/Facebook account: Hangzhoufeel]

OFF LINE, located at the street corner of Doufuerqiao Alley (W) in Hangzhou, is more like a western restaurant than a coffee shop. Diners can sit at street-facing tables to enjoy their brunch with friends while people watching. Boasting a Chinese facade with Western food, it is also a perfect place for shutterbugs.