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Hangzhou surgeon designs special clothes for breast cancer patients

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: January 19, 2022 L M S

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Wang Yuezhen demonstrates a special garment for breast cancer patients on Jan 13. [Photo/IC]

Wang Yuezhen, a surgeon at the chest radiotherapy department of the Hangzhou-based Cancer Hospital of The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently designed a special garment for breast cancer patients to wear during radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy, widely used to treat breast cancer patients, usually requires the patient to lie naked on a radiotherapy instrument, which has a hard and cold surface.

To alleviate the discomfort and embarrassment of her patients, Wang invented a special garment that makes them feel warm and dignified without compromising therapeutic effects.

She designed three patterns of disposable garment targeting patients with tumors on the left side, right side, and both sides of the breast.

Li Yan (a pseudonym for privacy reasons) received radiotherapy on the morning of Jan 13 and became the first patient to wear the garment.

"Before starting radiotherapy this week, I was worried when I heard that patients have to lie naked and follow the instructions of nearby doctors," Li said. She was relieved when she heard of the new garments.

"I felt warm in the garment and was not bothered by the hardness of the instrument at all," Li said, "I am so grateful to the doctor."

According to Wang, the hospital she works at carried out radiotherapy on more than 9,000 patients in 2021, of whom 1,400 suffered from breast cancer. Such a large demand inspired Wang to design the special garment. She has so far made 30 garments and is considering mass production.