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12,000 filmmakers in Hengdian work through national holiday

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 9, 2022 L M S


A scene from the costume drama New Life Begins. [Photo/ zj.zjol.com.cn]

During the seven-day Spring Festival holiday which spanned Jan 31 to Feb 6, more than 12,000 people in the film and television sector continued working in Hengdian World Studios.

Around one fourth of Chinese movies, one third of Chinese TV series, and two thirds of Chinese costume dramas are shot in the area, which is situated in Hengdian town, Dongyang city, Zhejiang province, every year.

At the filming site for the costume drama New Life Begins, a staff member told local media that the crew started work in Hengdian last December. Production teams have also ensured that up to 200 of its members are on site every day. According to this staff member, the production of the drama is expected to be completed in mid-March.


A scene from the costume drama New Life Begins. [Photo/ zj.zjol.com.cn]

Wang Yuzheng, executive producer of the drama, said that the crew cannot afford to cease working even during the Spring Festival. However, the crew members were given a half-day leave on Jan 31 - the Lunar New Year's Eve - and were offered festive goods such as dumplings and couplets during the holiday.

Half of the 400 people involved in the production of the Minguo period (1912-49) drama Stay Young Stay Passion spent the holiday working in Hengdian as well. All crew members were gifted red envelopes on Feb 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

The executive producer of the TV series Wang Xin said that their working days usually start at 8 am and end at 10 pm, and 90 percent of the drama scenes has already been shot.


A scene from the Minguo period drama Stay Young Stay Passion. [Photo/ zj.zjol.com.cn]