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Harnessing snack's business potential creates local riches

By YUAN SHENGGAO| China Daily| Updated: April 29, 2022 L M S

Jinyun shaobing, also known as Jinyun bucket baked rolls, is a traditional snack originating in Jinyun county, Lishui city, Zhejiang province. Over the years, the snack has become a way for local people to make a living after the local government's efforts in establishing trademarks.

Made of local wheat flour, fresh pork and dried mustard, it is baked in a special bucket.

In 2008, its cooking technique was included in the intangible cultural heritage list by the city.

Previously, a baking bucket and several benches comprised a typical street stand selling Jinyun shaobing. The business was not well organized and it was rare to see people become wealthy from selling shaobing.

Some major changes took place in 2014 when the local county government established a special team to promote the trademark of Jinyun shaobing and develop the snack in a market-oriented and organized way.

In October 2014, they established an association, which was committed to promoting the brand's popularity and expanding its market share. These efforts boosted the Jinyun shaobing industry and made the businesses involved rich.

In the same year, the local government established guidelines to standardize the technique of how the snack is made. It supported the operation of Jinyun shaobing demonstration stores.

In 2015, Jinyun county launched policies to assist the branding efforts and arranged a special fund worth 5 million yuan ($756,429) a year to support it.

In 2018, Jinyun Shaobing was registered as a certification trademark of geographical indication.

To ensure the sustainable development of the industry, Jinyun county formulated a development model involving the participation of farmers, cooperatives and associations. The model has realized a fast exchange of information and wealth distribution.

During the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday this year, Xu Zhifen and her sisters who run a Jinyun flavor restaurant in Beijing were selling rolls to customers in Beijing.

"Three years ago, we were authorized to use the trademark of 'Jinyun Shaobing'. Nowadays, the snack is becoming popular among customers, which makes our business and lives better and better," Xu said.

Besides optimizing the business environment, the government has made efforts in cultivating talents.

Up to now, Jinyun county has trained more than 10,000 bakers of the snack.

Liu Moujin is one of them. Born in Sunchuan village in Jinyun county, Liu had moved away and opened restaurants and sold leather shoes, but his income was unstable.

In 2014, he returned to Jinyun, completed the baking course and achieved certification of being a senior master of the Jinyun shaobing cooking technique in 2017. Now he has opened a Jinyun shaobing baking demonstration store at the Jinyun Xiandu scenic spot. With an annual income of 200,000-300,000 yuan, his finances have enjoyed a significant rise.

In 2021, the output value of the industry reached 2.7 billion yuan and created 23,000 jobs, attracting nearly 40,000 farmers to participate in the industry and raise their standard of living. Their incomes have reached 45,000 yuan per capita. The output value and number of employees in the industry has increased 10 times compared with 2014. The booming Jinyun shaobing industry has not only brought fortunes to local people, but stimulated peripheral businesses. A number of people are engaged in the production of baking tools, shaobing buckets, dried vegetables, shaobing packaging and some cultural industries.