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Croisements Festival's ambassador model Estelle Chen: Beauty is about confidence

By Li Wenrui| China Daily| Updated: May 16, 2022 L M S

As an integral part of the French cultural landscape, fashion has more than gorgeous apparel and legendary designers. Running through the end of July, the Croisements Festival in China will celebrate the ingenuity of both Chinese and French artists in the fashion industry.

In this interview, we chat with model Estelle Chen, one of the ambassadors of the festival. She joined the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai and has been walking the runway for a number of top fashion brands.

Born in France with Chinese parents, she talks about her French/Chinese upbringing, her modeling life and why confidence is the core of beauty.

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Guest: Estelle Chen

Reporter: Li Wenrui

Cameras: Cao Meiqiao, Fu Rui

Editing: Li Wenrui

Lighting: Zhang Xiao

Subtitles: Sun Jiao

Producer: Li Wenrui

Executive Producer: Feng Minghui

Contact the producer at liwenrui@chinadaily.com.cn