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World Metrology Day 2022 observed in Zhejiang

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: May 24, 2022 L M S

Authorities in East China's Zhejiang province held an activity on May 20 to mark the 23rd World Metrology Day.

This year's event was themed "Metrology in the Digital Era."

The provincial market regulatory administration also issued a report to show the progress Zhejiang has made in related areas.

According to the report, Zhejiang had in 2021 focused on the fields of advanced equipment manufacturing and new materials to build 135 social public measurement standards, formulated and revised 35 national and local measurement technical specifications, undertook 64 scientific research projects at all levels, and won 9 awards and 90 patents above provincial-level.

An action plan about the construction of provincial modern advanced measurement system was also released in the activity.

Over the next few days, Zhejiang aims to carry out more than 70 measurement science popularization, publicity and service activities to better promote the World Metrology Day.

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signature of the Metre Convention on May 20, 1875 by representatives of seventeen nations to improve the quality of life and in protecting the global environment through the science of measurement.