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Expats promote rugby at Wenzhou school

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: August 15, 2022 L M S


Students play rugby games at the East Campus of Wenzhou Nanpu Experimental Primary School on Aug 9. [Photo/haiwaifabu.cn]

Expat members of the Spartans, a rugby football club run by a young American man named Jameson Hugstad, promoted the sport among students at the East Campus of Wenzhou Nanpu Experimental Primary School on Aug 9.

The event was organized by the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, aiming to improve the city's environment for children and introduce children to different cultures.

During the event, Hugstad taught the children the basics of rugby via interactive questions and answers. Club members Alex, Leo, Andrew, and Bruce also demonstrated rugby moves such as kicking, holding, passing and throwing. They also designed rugby-related games for the children.

Hugstad said that he and his club members were happy to be able to promote the sport among children.

Hugstad established the Spartans rugby football club in 2022, which has members from 15 countries.

Hugstad said he hopes Chinese and foreign youth can forge friendships through rugby and that his team will continually expand, strengthening cultural exchange between China and other countries.

Rugby, which originated in Rugby, a town in the United Kingdom, in 1823, is a confrontational sport that requires collaboration, wherein players score by touchdown or shooting goals. Rugby is also a medium for cultural exchange.