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Wenzhou offers medical helping hand to Central Africa

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 18, 2023 L M S


Staff from Central Africa hold medical kits donated by Wenzhou NGO Skincare. [Photo/66wz.com]

Medical supplies donated from an NGO in East China's Wenzhou to Central African Republic won praise from the country's First Lady, local media outlets reported.

The 275 medical kits consisted of forceps, fetal heart stethoscopes, neonatal nasal inhalers, and antibiotics, and were of great use to pregnant and lying-in women in the country.

The kits also contained high-tech medicinal growth factors developed by Li Xiaokun, principal of Wenzhou Medical University, as well as traditional Chinese medicine such as motherwort granules and essential balm. The products have been donated to Central African women before and received a positive response.

The NGO, known as Skincare Engineering, focuses on health problems, especially wound treatment in grassroots rural and tribal communities in Africa, helping locals with wounds caused by AIDS, burns, trauma, and war.

The organization has also helped the country establish a treatment and prevention system for refractory wounds by donating medical equipment in short supply, offering remote medical assistance, and training wound repair professionals.


Chinese and Central African medical workers pose for a group photo. [Photo/66wz.com]