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Yunhe county integrates economic, ecological development

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: March 1, 2023 L M S

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Meiyuan village in Chongtou town, Yunhe count. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily]

In Meiyuan village in Chongtou town, Yunhe county over 600 plum trees have bloomed, creating a picturesque view that has attracted many tourists to the area, local media reported on March 1.

Yunhe county has created a group of beautiful rural areas that are ecologically sustainable and livable, which has in turn stimulated economic growth.

Meiyuan village is one of these areas, and in 2021, it collaborated with the Zhejiang Agricultural Sciences Academy's floral research institute to plant over 600 plum trees, including green, red, and wax plum trees.

"Recently, all of the plum trees in our village have bloomed, attracting many tourists. Areas with particularly beautiful blossoms have become popular photo spots online," said Ye Guoping, deputy party chief of Meiyuan village.

"This year, the village is full of blooming plum trees, attracting many tourists. Our homestay occupancy rate has increased significantly," said Ji Fade, a young entrepreneur who returned to his hometown.

Located within the Yunhe terraced fields scenic area, Meiyuan village is home to over 30 homestays and farmstays which have seen a steady increase in business due to the plum blossom project.

The next step for the village is to focus on developing extended industries such as green plum wine and green plum preserves.

According to Ye, the village plans to create a plum blossom theme park and develop entertainment facilities such as go-karts, small trains, and bumper cars.