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Zhejiang promotes high-quality development of film and TV industry

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 16, 2023 L M S

The "Into the Future" International Promotion Conference of Zhejiang Film and TV was held in Hong Kong on March 13 to promote the high-quality development of the film and TV industry.

Producers, distributors, directors, screenwriters, actors and other industry representatives from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Italy, the UK, Singapore, Thailand, India and other countries and regions as well as representatives from dozens of domestic and foreign media outlets participated in the event.

The quantity and quality of Zhejiang films have ranked among the top nationwide for many consecutive years. A Little Red Flower and Cloudy Mountain won the national-level Best Works Award in 2022. Moon Man was the second-largest box office success of the year with 3.1 billion yuan ($449.3 million) in ticket sales, followed by Too Cool to Kill, which earned 2.64 billion yuan. Zhejiang accounts for over 7.5 percent of the total box office in China, ranking third in this regard for many consecutive years.

Among the 51 cinema chains across China, 35 of them are located in Zhejiang. Zhejiang also has many digital cinemas in urban areas. Zhejiang is home to nearly 4,000 film and TV producers, among which 26 are listed companies.

It has the largest number and scale of film and TV bases nationwide, including Hengdian World Studios, the world’s largest filming location equipped with over 30 large-scale location shooting bases and over 130 professional studios.