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Gaming legends Uzi and Clearlove7 hope the Chinese esports squads enjoy a gold rush at the Hangzhou Asian Games

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 12, 2023 L M S

After recently topping a poll to decide the 10 greatest LPL players of the past decade as part of the league's 10th anniversary, Chinese esports veterans Jian Zihao, aka Uzi, and Ming Kai, aka Clearlove7, spoke to China Daily online show On Your Marks in an exclusive interview.

Both players competed against each other in the very early stages of their careers, and they have witnessed the rapid growth of Chinese esports over the past decade.

Uzi fondly recalled helping the Chinese League of Legends squad win gold at the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018, when esports debuted as a demonstration sport. Uzi described that triumph as the most cherished memory of his career.

As esports has been promoted to an official medal event at the forthcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, the veterans backed the younger Team China players to win gold again, and wished the Games every success in Hangzhou.

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