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Wenzhou's Line S2 begins operating

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: August 29, 2023 L M S


The Asian-Games-themed train on Line S2 leaves the station. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

Wenzhou's Line S2 has commenced operations, as a train decked out with elegant red ribbons set off from the city's Yongxing sub-district on the morning of Aug 26.

The new railway line, which traverses five administrative regions - Yueqing city, Haijing district, Longwan district, Wenzhou Bay New Area, and Rui'an city - spans a total distance of 63.63 kilometers and boasts 20 conveniently-located stations.

The seamless integration with Line S1, which was inaugurated in 2019 and connects the city's eastern and western sectors, has significantly improved the coverage and accessibility of Wenzhou's urban rail transportation network.

Beyond providing convenient commuting options for residents, the introduction of Line S2 is poised to foster interconnectivity and collaborative development among the various industrial clusters in the area.

Looking ahead, the future incorporation of Line S3 will extend Wenzhou's urban rail transit network to an impressive 150 km, contributing to the city's transformation into a comprehensive national transportation hub.

Wenzhou has also unveiled a train inspired by the upcoming 19th Asian Games on Line S2, further boosting enthusiasm for the anticipated sporting event.