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Wenzhou's mountaintop airport starts construction

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 29, 2024 L M S


A rendering of Taishun airport. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhou-DDD]

Construction on Taishun airport, Wenzhou's first mountaintop airport, is underway on Pengjia Mountain, 5 kilometers from Luoyang town, Taishun county.

The airport is set to be complete by 2026 and open in 2027. Covering an area of 615 mu (41 hectares), the project includes a runway, terminal, control tower, hangars, and aprons, with a planned investment of 650 million yuan ($89.98 million).

A custom-built road from Yueshanxia to Pengjia Mountain is also under construction, which will reduce the travel time from Luoyang to the airport to approximately eight minutes.

Taishun airport will support a variety of functions including short-haul air transportation, cargo logistics, flight training, agricultural and forestry operations, aerial sightseeing tours, forest fire prevention, emergency rescue, and disaster relief efforts. 

The airport is strategically located over 300 km from Hangzhou International Airport, allowing for travel times just over an hour, significantly benefiting the mountainous region's accessibility.

By 2035, projections for the Taishun airport include annual aircraft landings of 2,000 passenger flights with a passenger throughput of 26,000, and 250 landings of cargo flights with a cargo throughput of 850 metric tons.