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In pics: Hydrangeas in full bloom in Yiwu

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: April 3, 2024 L M S

At the Jiangbin Green Corridor in Jiangdong sub-district, Yiwu, hydrangeas bloom in abundance, their snowball-like clusters adding a delightful charm to the landscape.

The most spectacular sightings are near Zongze Bridge, with two impressive patches flanking the soccer field. As one ventures deeper, scattered clusters of these blooms can also be found.

Initially green, the flowers transition to a pristine white, emitting a delicate fragrance amidst their oval-shaped green leaves. The hydrangea's blooming period lasts about 10 days, creating a fleeting yet captivating spectacle.


Hydrangeas are in full bloom at the Jiangbin Green Corridor in Jiangdong sub-district, Yiwu. [Photo/zgyww.cn]


Visitors pose for photos in front of the blooming hydrangeas. [Photo/zgyww.cn]


A close-up of blooming hydrangeas. [Photo/zgyww.cn]