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Yiwu's female entrepreneurs take center stage in Times Square

Updated: May 14, 2024 L M S


Yiwu entrepreneurial women showcase their businesses on Times Square screens in New York. [Photo/ywcity.cn]

Eight female entrepreneurs from the Yiwu International Trade Market recently made a splash on the iconic Times Square screens in New York, showcasing their businesses to the world.

Leveraging Chinagoods AI technology, they confidently promoted their products in English, capturing the attention of the global commerce community.

This exposure is part of Yiwu's strategy to take local brands global, with Chinagoods already making waves in over 100 countries. The city's reputation as the "world's supermarket" is gaining traction thanks to such innovative marketing efforts.

Cai Peifen, one of the featured businesswomen, experienced a surge in orders and congratulations from clients, including a Polish buyer who re-engaged after seeing the Times Square advertisement. This resulted in a significant order for her toy business.

The AI technology provided by Chinagoods enables these businesswomen to communicate in 36 languages, broadening their reach. Fu Jiangyan, another featured entrepreneur, utilized the AI to create multilingual product videos in under half an hour, which she then shared across various social media platforms, significantly increasing her online visibility.

Yiwu's embrace of AI in digital trade, from language translation to content creation, is transforming traditional trade practices. The city's largest AI innovation application scene is revolutionizing how merchants conduct business, with AI becoming a new driving force in Yiwu's digital trade sector.