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José Medeiros da Silva from Brazil

Tide News| Updated: May 28, 2024 L M S

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"I want to experience the cultural power of East China,". Nine years ago, José Medeiros da Silva, who had already traveled the mountains and rivers of North China, came to Zhejiang to settle down and gain a deeper understanding of China's diverse culture.

When he first arrived in Zhejiang, Silva was deeply attracted by the scenery. This land, with its rolling hills and bamboo forests, vibrant trees and flowers, as well as warm lakes and rivers, interprets what "lucid waters and green mountains" are.

During his years living and working in Zhejiang, Silva felt the modern pulse of Zhejiang, which combines economic, cultural and social vitality. In his eyes, Zhejiang is a combination and concretization of confidence, innovation, and openness. The strength of Zhejiang's development cannot be separated from the confidence of the Zhejiang people in the country, their creativity, innovation ability, and an open mindset that looks at the whole country and even the world.