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Huzhou Intl Communication Center established

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: June 26, 2024 L M S


The Huzhou International Communication Center is inaugurated on June 25. [Photo/Tide News]

The Huzhou International Communication Center was inaugurated on June 25, marking a significant step forward for local authorities in their efforts to elevate the global profile of Huzhou and align with national strategies.

During the inauguration ceremony, two of Huzhou's sister cities - Yeongam in South Korea and Shimada in Japan - sent congratulatory videos.

The ceremony also saw the appointment of four overseas Chinese representatives, eight communication experts from Huzhou, and eight foreign residents in the city as the 2024 Huzhou International Communication Ambassadors.

Huzhou, renowned as the birthplace of the concept that "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", the cradle of the "Beautiful Villages" campaign aimed at beautifying the countryside throughout China, and a trailblazer in sustainable development, stands as a crucial conduit for the global communication in ecological civilization.

In recent years, Huzhou has fervently advanced its international communication endeavors by participating in global events such as the International Forum: The Significance of China's Social Governance to the World, the 15th Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15), and the Hangzhou Asian Games. The city has set up friendly ties with 41 cities across 21 countries and has forged communication channels with over 10 international organizations, increasing the global influence of its "Seeing Beautiful China in Huzhou" city brand.