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Shaoxing adds 56,100 new urban jobs this year

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: July 10, 2024 L M S

Shaoxing has achieved a significant employment milestone this year, adding 56,100 new urban jobs and surpassing the halfway mark of its annual target.

So far, 95,000 people in Shaoxing have received various vocational training programs, resulting in 32,200 new skilled workers and 16,800 high-skilled workers.

Amid a complex economic environment, Shaoxing prioritizes high-quality employment as a key goal, ensuring economic growth translates into job creation.

With the current job-hunting season for college graduates, Shaoxing is expanding employment channels in sectors like new energy and intelligent manufacturing. The city has encouraged enterprises to create high-quality, multi-disciplinary internship positions.

This year, over 2,000 company visits and connections have been made, resulting in 354 established internship bases and 4,653 internship positions. Additionally, six specialized internship routes in areas like integrated circuits and high-end textile dyeing have been developed, with seven batches of university students organized for internships in Shaoxing.

Shaoxing's 683 human resource service agencies are enhancing their offerings and innovating to support high-quality employment.