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Halle, Germany

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Oct 23, 2019

Date signed: May 11, 2009

Halle, covering an area of 135 square kilometers, is the fourth largest city in central Germany, as well as the second largest in its state. It has a population of 240,000.

Halle has many cultural festivals, the Handel Festival being one of the most influential. Its economy, machinery manufacturing, chemical engineering, energy manufacturing and food industries are booming. In addition, Halle also has a Chinese commodity trade wholesale center.

The friendly relationship between Halle and Jiaxing began in December 2005. Exchanges between the two cities remained close over the past decade. A municipal delegation of Jiaxing conducted visits to Halle and held discussions mainly on issues of building energy saving, ecological environmental protection, education and training, circular economy and modern industrial clusters. Several schools in the two cities have visited each other, and their choirs and museums have also had some exchanges. There have been other local forums and meetings as well. At present, the two cities are actively exploring new models and approaches for the development of their sister status.


Halle, Germany [Photo/wb.jiaxing.gov.cn]