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Gangneung, South Korea

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Oct 23, 2019

Date signed: June 11, 1999

Gangneung is a city in the province of Gangwon-do, on the east coast of South Korea. It covers an area of 1,039.86 square kilometers and has a population of 223,000. The coastline of the city is 48.3 kilometers. It is a typical rural tourism and traditional culture city with mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and cultural relics and ancient sites.

Gangneung is located in the eastern center of the Taebaek Mountains, which run across the waist of the Korean peninsula, and has a good industrial base. Its main industries include electronic appliances, arts and crafts, rubber, plastics, machinery, building materials, papermaking, glass, clothing, printing, food processing and tourism. Its tourism-oriented tertiary industry accounts for 50 percent in its industrial structure. It attaches great importance to culture and education, with two comprehensive universities, one college, 11 technical secondary schools, 12 middle schools and 53 primary schools, as well as complete cultural and entertainment facilities. The city's agriculture is also developed since mountain lands account for 80 percent of its territory. Gangneung is a coastal trade port and has convenient transportation with passenger and cargo air service as well as railway and highway access to the country's large and medium-sized cities.


Gangneung, South Korea [Photo/wb.jiaxing.gov.cn]