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Smart city construction in full swing in Jiaxing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Dec 26, 2019


Jiaxing's Taoyuan Digital Town in Xiuzhou district is currently home to 84 companies focusing on intelligentization. Digitalization and intelligentization are the generic enabling technologies for product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation. [Photo/WeChat account of High-tech Xiuzhou]

Taoyuan Digital Town -- in Xiuzhou district in Jiaxing in eastern Zhejiang province -- has established an industrial cluster related to smart city construction, which has brought  convenience to locals, Zhejiang Daily reported on Dec 22.

The town has introduced 56 projects and products centering on smart city construction, local officials said.

These include a video monitoring system covering the entire community, facial recognition, a smart fire-fighting system, and smart public transportation system -- providing residents with more intelligent, convenient and high-quality public services.

With its focus on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the internet of things, Taoyuan Digital Town is a gathering place for projects with top class professionals and digital applications projects.

Officials said it is currently home to 84 enterprises with a total investment of 7.51 billion yuan ($1.07 billion).

The town also offers companies higher efficiency and more convenience for their production.

Leading food company Wufangzhai in Jiaxing is for example employing an intelligent robot for water sewage treatment. This provides a 24-hour water quality monitoring service, which adds water treatment agents automatically and greatly improves production efficiency.

Recently, Xiuzhou district rolled out various measures for accelerating the development of Taoyuan Digital Town and established a 2 billion yuan development fund for the digital industry.

Subsidies in tax and home-buying will also be given to experts and top professionals.