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Smart technology helps make tax handling easier in Jiaxing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jan 7, 2020

Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province, has made great progress in promoting the development of digital taxes over the past year, with 89.5 percent of tax-related affairs being handled online, Jiaxing Daily reported on Jan 6.

In 2019, tax authorities in Jiaxing made great efforts to develop a smart tax system with the help of "Internet Plus" services in order to further optimize the tax business environment, improve tax administration efficiency, and strengthen international tax cooperation, putting the city at the forefront of smart tax development.

Unlike traditional tax cancellation procedures for enterprises, the smart tax handling process launched by the Jiaxing administration of tax services makes things easy for owners of enterprises, cutting the time required to complete tax cancelation procedures from 20 days to just a few minutes.

Tax cancellation for enterprises poses one of the greatest challenges to tax authorities, and due to limits in data and information sharing among market supervisors, tax administrations, human resources, commercial departments, and customs, it was not an easy process. But with the help of "Internet Plus" services, tax administration efficiency in Jiaxing has been greatly enhanced.

According to an official from the city's tax authority, the city has made great efforts to promote online tax services, and tax authorities in Jiaxing have handled a total of 140 tax-related affairs online, taking an average of 7.53 minutes per person.

In the future, the city plans to step up efforts to accelerate the development of informatization and big data, and tax authorities plan to deepen cooperation with third-party platforms such as Alipay and Wechat Pay to expand the scope of "Internet Plus" services in an effort to provide more convenience to taxpayers.