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Jiaxing Port promotes digitization

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jan 8, 2020


The Zhejiang Zhapu Economic Development Zone at Jiaxing Port is included on a list of 2019 Zhejiang Digitization Pilot Zones. [Photo by Zhang Yi/chinanews.com]

The Zhejiang Zhapu Economic Development Zone at Jiaxing Port, East China's Zhejiang province, was included on a list of 2019 Zhejiang Digitization Pilot Zones, Jiaxing Daily reported on Jan 3.

In recent years, Jiaxing Port has attached great importance to innovation-driven development and has accelerated the industrialization of the digital economy and digitization of industries in order to promote high-quality development.

The port has also been focusing on cultivating industrial clusters and development platforms for the digital economy in an effort to establish a special development area for digitization.

Digitization is currently serving as an important driver of economic growth, and the construction of digital parks is expected to help promote sustainable development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

In response to the trend of the digital management of chemical industrial parks, Jiaxing Port began building a smart park as early as 2015, which is expected to serve as an example for the country's future chemical parks.

The first phase of the smart chemical park began operating in 2017, and an intelligent management platform has been introduced there, offering an array of smart services related to security, environmental protection, logistics, fire prevention, supervision of hazardous chemicals, and various application systems related to smart city development.

Jiaxing Port has cooperated and established long-term strategic partnerships with many renowned enterprises such as tech giant Huawei and leading camera manufacturer Hikvision with the aim of providing high-quality services for the construction of digital parks and smart factories.

The port has also managed to create a comprehensive platform for real time monitoring and warning systems, and has already digitized all eligible factories.