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Digital economy booms in Tongxiang

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Jan 14, 2020


Tongxiang in Zhejiang province promotes the development of a digital economy, and at the 2019 Industrial Digital Summit in December 2019, the city is included on the list of the top 20 areas for digital transformation in Zhejiang. [Photo/cnjxol.com]

Tongxiang, a county-level city in Jiaxing, in East China's Zhejiang province, ranked second in Jiaxing in provincial assessment of comprehensive capabilities for the development of a digital economy, Jiaxing Daily reported Jan 13.

The comprehensive assessment covered five aspects, including infrastructure construction, industrialization of the digital economy and the digitization of local industries, revealing that Tongxiang stood at the forefront in the province in many indexes.

In recent years, Tongxiang has been committed to promoting the upgrading of "intelligent plus". In 2019, the city carried out 1,095 projects for intelligent transformation, introduced 1,150 cloud enterprises, and two industrial internet platforms were rated as provincial ones.  

In terms of digital industrialization, the city has attached great importance to the development of emerging industries, such as new materials, automotive electronics and intelligent security, with the aim of accelerating industry clusters and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

Software and information services in the city have maintained strong growth of more than 50 percent over the past three years, making Tongxiang the only county-level city in Zhejiang cultivating new drivers of software development for digital industrialization.

Additionally, the annual World Internet Conference held in Tongxiang offers strong support for the development of the city's digital economy. Over the past five years, more IT-related companies have chosen to reside in Tongxiang, because of its support policies for industrial development and brain gain.

At present, the city is home to 1,890 digital economy enterprises, and in 2019, 1,250 projects related to the digital economy were introduced to the city, with planned investment of 25.9 billion yuan ($3.77 billion).