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New tech sterilizes medical materials in 1 day

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Feb 11, 2020


Medical materials wait for irradiation sterilization at the workshop of Jiaxing-based Zhejiang Hanqing Biotech Co Ltd. [Photo/cnjxol.com]

We are pleased to do our part in national epidemic prevention and control, said Wang Enfeng, general manager of Jiaxing-based Zhejiang Hanqing Biotech Co Ltd in an interview with local media on Feb 10.

Wang made the remarks after the State Council issued a notice on Feb 7 saying that disposable protective clothing for medical use, if sterilized through irradiation, can be used in isolation wards for critical patients.

Hanqing has significant experience in sterilization; however, such a technique has not been used to sterilize medical supplies, according to Wang

With permission from the State, Hanqing will begin focusing on the sterilization of medical supplies, including medical devices and medical protective equipment.

"Currently, the most advanced sterilization method in the world is electron beam irradiation," said Wang, adding that the technique is fast, cheap and safe.

Take protective clothing for example. It usually takes just one day to remove residual material to a safe level for irradiation, nine to 14 days faster than traditional techniques.

Hanqing is a private company dedicated to disinfecting and sterilizing agricultural products, medical devices and medical protective equipment.

Through cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Soochow University, Hanqing has become one of the few companies in China which houses high energy electron accelerators, a key component in irradiation sterilization.