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Foreign companies in Jiaxing resume operations

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Feb 14, 2020

Ninety-seven foreign-invested companies in Jiaxing Economic Development Zone have resumed operations, according to local media reports on Feb 13.

The figure represents more than 40 percent of foreign companies in the zone.

The Jiaxing Economic Development Zone is among the top 10 development zones in China in terms of foreign investment and serves as an example of high quality development in Jiaxing.

With the help of officials dispatched from the local government, the remaining foreign companies will be able to resume operations soon.

Chanyee Electronics (Jiaxing) Co Ltd, one of the foreign companies in the zone which has already resumed operations, is funded by Hong Kong businessmen.

Founded in 2004, Chanyee is a supplier of circuit boards for medical devices, industrial control systems and automotive electronics and has exported its products to a dozen countries, including the United States, Italy and India.

Because its products are a crucial component in thermometers and other medical equipment, Chanyee resumed operations as soon as possible to help produce more medical equipment for the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia in China.

On Feb 7, the local market supervision authority sent an official to assist Chanyee in checking on employees returning to work.

Employees who returned to Jiaxing through public transit were encouraged to self-quarantine for at least 14 days before resuming work.

"What the local government has done in the past few days has given us confidence that we can get through these tough times," said Ch'iu Hsi-man, president of Chanyee, adding that last year, they increased investment in Jiaxing to expand their production capacity because of its favorable business environment.

He noted that during the NCP outbreak, the local government has rolled out preferential policies and established a strict system to prevent and control NCP and support local companies.


Employees returning to work are asked to sit one at a table when eating. [Photo/cnjxol.com]