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Jiaxing communities to replace garbage bins with smart garbage houses

Updated : Apr 13, 2020

Residential communities in Qixing subdistrict, Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province, plan to replace their garbage bins with garbage houses, local media reported on April 10.

The garbage houses will be open at fixed times each day and are divided into two categories – regular and smart.

Regular garbage houses are staffed with supervisors who are tasked with teaching people how to sort their garbage, while smart garbage make use of QR codes, facial recognition, and automatic weighing rather than workers.

The smart garbage house is equipped with surveillance cameras capable of identifying and tracking down everybody who uses the garbage house.

Lin Zuojie, who is responsible for the management of garbage sorting in Qixing, said that the garbage houses are transformed from old containers and will help people realize the value and importance of garbage sorting.

Garbage houses are currently being tested in Sanjiabang community and have been well-receive by local residents.

According to Lin, Qixing subdistrict plans to promote garbage houses in all local communities by establishing more than 100 such facilities this year.

Jiaxing made significant progress in garbage sorting in 2019, as its five areas and 36 communities all made the list of Zhejiang's model areas and communities for household garbage classification.


Smart garbage houses are not staffed with workers, instead making use of QR-code scanning, facial recognition, and automatic weighing. [Photo/cnjxol.com]