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Jiaxing to showcase its eight new sceneries

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Apr 14, 2020

1赵文火 南湖烟雨.jpg

Traditional Chinese painting Nanhu Lake by Zhao Wenhuo [Photo/cnjxol.com]

Jiaxing natives have had a tradition since ancient times of drawing eight symbolic local sites.

The "eight sceneries" changed from the Eight Sceneries in Jiaxing by Wu Zhen during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) to the 12 Sceneries in Jiaxing by Shen Gu and the Eight Sceneries in Nanhu Lake by Xu Yaoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Wu Zhen's eight sites are the most popular among Jiaxing natives today. They include a 10-mu (0.67 hectare) bamboo forest around Kongcui pavilion, Three Towers in Jiaxing, Yanyu Tower, Yuanyang Lake, Shanqing floodgate, the Li family's garden, Yu Mountain, and Youlan Fountain.

In 2019, the Jiaxing Art Museum finalized eight new sites in the city and invited 20 local painters to draw them in four different artistic ways. The new sites include Nanlu Lake, Majiabang Culture, Pushu Garden, Meihua Nunnery, Qi Garden, Qianjiang River Tide, ancient Wuzhen town, and Zhapu port.

The following paintings, which include traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, and water color, will be showcased at the Jiaxing Art Museum from April 15 to May 6.

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