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Alibaba boosts development of Digital Jiaxing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Aug 7, 2020


Representatives from Jiaxing Municipal Government and Alibaba Group sign a cooperation framework agreement on Aug 6 in Jiaxing, committing to further cooperation in various fields. [Photo/WeChat account: jxfabu]

Jiaxing Municipal Government and Alibaba Group have signed a cooperation framework agreement to promote further collaboration in various fields, according to a report in Jiaxing Daily.

The agreement, signed on Aug 6 in Jiaxing, states that the two sides should promote Jiaxing's participation in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region.

Their cooperation incorporates five aspects, including new-style infrastructure construction, "Smart Jiaxing", the export of Jiaxing-made products, digitalized upgrading of industries, and digital daily life.

As the permanent site of the World Internet Conference, the genes of the internet are deeply rooted in Jiaxing.

In recent years, the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and the Jiaxing Municipal Government have rolled out a series of policies to develop the city into a hub of the digital industry in the YRD region, a model of the digitalized transformation of traditional industries in China, and a global exhibition and experience center of the digital economy.