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How to apply for house-purchasing subsidies in Jiaxing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Aug 27, 2020

Municipal authorities in Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province held a meeting on Aug 26 to describe policies regarding the provision of house-purchasing subsidies, which the city plans to distribute to local talent.

Eligible parties:

Top professionals working in Jiaxing;

Talent listed at the municipal-level or above after 2017 and who have paid social insurance for more than six months in a row in Jiaxing;

Holders of graduate degrees or above who came to work in Jiaxing after 2017 and have paid social insurance for more than six months in a row.

Subsidy standards:

Top professionals who have had a full-time job in Jiaxing for five years will be granted a subsidy of 8 million yuan ($1.16 million);

State-, provincial-, and municipal-level professionals will receive respective subsidies of 1 million yuan, 800,000 yuan, and 600,000 yuan, and outstanding talent and graduate students can obtain respective subsidies of 350,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan.


1.      The above mentioned talent does not include civil servants.

2.      The subsidies are applicable to both the husband and wife in a single family.

3.      Each talent can apply for the subsidy only once, and it can only be used by the applicants themselves.

4.      The subsidies are effective for six months from the date of issue.