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Jiaxing releases policies to boost pilot cross-border e-commerce zone

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Sep 1, 2020

Jiaxing in East China's Zhejiang province has recently rolled out 10 policies to promote the construction of its pilot cross-border e-commerce zone.

These policies, which will be effective for two years starting from Sept 1, are applicable to companies registered in the China (Jiaxing) Pilot Cross-Border E-Commerce Zone.

Here are the 10 policies that were unveiled:

Policy 1: Foreign trade and manufacturing companies will be encouraged to carry out business to business (B2B) exports through the internet.

Cross-border e-commerce traders that are ranked among the top five in annual export volume and have an annual export volume of no less than $5 million will receive a subsidy of of 200,000 yuan ($29,000).

Those ranked in the top 10 with no less than $3 million in export volume will receive 150,000 yuan. Those ranked in the top 20 and with no less than $1 million will receive 100,000 yuan.

Policy 2: Investors of cross-border e-commerce industry parks will be granted 2 million yuan if the park has a built-up area of more than 10,000 square meters, a public service platform, and functions of brand marketing, smart logistics, international payment, property rights protection, and talent training.

The park also has to introduce or cultivate no less than 20 cross-border e-commerce companies with annual trade volume of more than $1 million and cultivate more than 30 entrepreneur teams.

Policy 3: Jiaxing companies that establish, renovate or hire overseas warehouses of more than 1,000 sq m will receive a grant equivalent to 10 percent of their investment in the warehouses.

Policy 4: Certified cross-border e-commerce service platform operators will receive a grant from the local government if their annual online trade volume exceeds 500 million yuan for the first time after starting operations in Jiaxing.

Policy 5: Cross-border e-commerce traders will receive a subsidy of up to 500,000 yuan if they open offline experience stores of no less than 300 sq m and have an annual trade volume of no less than 5 million yuan.

Policy 6: Cross-border e-commerce traders will receive a subsidy of up to 300,000 yuan if their cargo that receives customs clearance under the "9610" pattern are valued at 2 million yuan.

Policy 7: Third party suppliers of cross-border e-commerce that are certified by the Ministry of Commerce will receive a subsidy of up to 100,000 yuan if they service more than 20 Jiaxing cross-border e-commerce companies and have an annual B2B trade volume of more than $10 million.

Policy 8: Universities will receive an award of 300,000 yuan if they recruit no less than 30 students majoring in cross-border e-commerce. Universities that establish a cross-border e-commerce college with no less than 800 students will receive a subsidy of 800,000 yuan.

Policy 9: Training institutions will receive a subsidy of no less than 20,000 yuan for each free training spanning half a day or more that involves over 100 trainees. These institutions will receive a subsidy of no more than 80,000 yuan if they organize free training of more than two days that involve over 40 trainees.

Policy 10: Those working in livestreaming and overseas marketing sectors who are recognized as senior professionals or above by Jiaxing authorities will enjoy preferential treatment in entrepreneurship, house purchasing, healthcare and children's education.