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Nine tourism routes in Jiaxing for upcoming holiday

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Sep 28, 2020

Nine tourism routes designed for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day were launched by Jiaxing culture, broadcasting, television, and tourism bureau on Sept 27.

Route one: Ancient Jiangnan town tour

Wuzhen town – Xitang town – Meihuazhou scenic area – Nanhu Lake scenic area

Route two: Red culture tour

Nanhu Lake scenic area – Miujia village in Dayun town – Panjiabang village in Xincheng town – Nanbei Lake scenic spot – Meihuazhou scenic area

Route three: Local delicacy tour

Nanhu Lake scenic area – Meihuazhou scenic area – Wuzhen town –Xincheng town – Moon River Historic District

Route four: Moon admiring tour

Meihuazhou scenic area – Nanhetou community – Donghu Lake scenic spot – scenic Wangxiangli village – Nanbei Lake scenic spot

Route five: Natural landscape tour

Nanbei Lake scenic spot – Qiyua Garden – China Leather Town  – Meihuazhou scenic area

Route six: Canal culture tour

Changhong Bridge – Shanqing floodgate – Luofan Pavilion – Wensheng Monastery – Luxihui Historic District – Moon River Historic District – Chang'an floodgate – Chang'an street

Route seven: Free tour

Ancient Yanguan city – Nanbei Lake scenic spot – Qiyuan Garden

Route eight: Former residences of famous figures tour

Ancient Yanguan city – Nanbeixiang Historic District – former residence of Xu Zhimo

Route nine: Nighttime tour

Moon River Historic District – boating over Huancheng river – Nanhu Lake scenic area – Xitang town – Wuzhen town