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Inspirock Hotel

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Dec 3, 2020

Inspirock Hotel is a five-star hotel financed by Jiaxing-based Zhenshi Holding Group Co.

The 700 million yuan ($106.78 million), 169-meter-high hotel has 565 guest rooms on its 38 floors, including executive suites on floors 35 to 37.

The hotel has more than 20 medium and small conference rooms that can cater to business negotiations and conferences.

In addition to Chinese food, the hotel also offers Western-style cuisines, Japanese cuisine, and fine red wine and cigars.

Its two 1,300-square-meter banquet halls, the largest in northern Zhejiang, are capable of accommodating 2,000 diners simultaneously for functions such as wedding ceremonies, parties, or business conferences.

The hotel also boasts various recreational facilities, including a karaoke bar, a foot massage center, a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness room, a billiard room and a chess center.

The hotel has a bustling business environment and beautiful natural landscape as the Tongxiang Botanical Garden is located just across from it.

Wuzhen, a renowned water town in Jiaxing, is located a 20-minute drive from Inspirock Hotel, which also boasts convenient access to expressways leading to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Huzhou, and Zhapu Port, as well as the high-speed railway to Shanghai and Hangzhou.