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Tongxiang city

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 16, 2021


Wuzhen, the permanent site of the World Internet Conference, is a typical water town in Tongxiang, Jiaxing. [Photo by Chen Junhua]

Tongxiang, located in the hinterland of the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain, administers eight towns and three subdistricts and covers 727 square kilometers. Tongxiang enjoys a favorable location, with the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway, the Shanghai-Hangzhou and Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou expressways, the national highway 320 and the Grand Canal all passing through the city.

Boasting a long history and deep cultural connotation, Tongxiang is home to diverse cultures, including Majiabang culture, Liangzhu culture, canal culture and ancient town culture. It is also the host city for the Wuzhen Theater Festival, the Mao Dun Literature Newcomer Award and the Global Feng Zikai Prose Award.

Being one of the first powerful industrial cities in Zhejiang province, Tongxiang ranks high in terms of comprehensive strengths. Seven State-level industrial towns are located there. Tongkun Group, Xin Feng Ming Group, Zhenshi Group and Huayou Cobalt entered the list of China's top 500 private enterprises and top 500 private manufacturing enterprises in 2020.

Moreover, the internet industry in Tongxiang has been prosperous in recent years in that Wuzhen, an ancient town in Tongxiang, is the permanent site of the World Internet Conference. The annual Wuzhen Summit has become a platform for China to communicate with the world and for the world to share the latest internet achievements with China. Numerous digital economy projects, including Wuzhen internet hospital and Uniview, have been introduced. The two provincial internet industry platforms – internet innovation development comprehensive pilot zone and Wuzhen big data high-tech industrial park – were settled there.

Tongxiang is one of the 10 cities and counties with the largest markets in China. It has the largest collection and distribution center for woolen sweaters, Puyuan woolen sweater market, and the renowned Chongfu fur clothing market.