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Nanhu district

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 16, 2021


The Red Boat on Nanhu Lake marks the birth of the Communist Party of China. [Photo by Sheng Jiansheng]

As the central downtown area of Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province, Nanhu district covers 439 square kilometers and administers four towns and nine subdistricts. Nanhu Lake was the birthplace of Majiabang culture and a Confucian merchant culture. As well, Nanhu Lake is the starting point of the Red Boat, which represents the birth of the Communist Party of China.

Centering on the goal of being a modern garden urban area, Nanhu district will build itself into a core area of scientific and technological innovation, a pilot area of reform and opening-up, an ecological area suitable for living and working, and a demonstration area for shared development.

Nanhu district has forged five industries with distinctive features, including featured fruits and aquatic products, and built the only national agricultural science and technology park in China. Its newly formed leading industries are new-generation electronic information technology and intelligent equipment manufacturing. The added value of industrial enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million yuan ($3.08 million) or more exceeded 18.5 billion yuan in 2020. The modern service industries, featured by business buildings and urban economic parks, and the emerging urban industries led by financial services, e-commerce and leisure tourism have developed rapidly. Nanhu Fund Town has successfully entered Zhejiang's characteristic towns list.

Striving to practice the "Two Mountains" theory and comprehensively renovate the environment, Nanhu district ranks top among China in terms of urban afforestation. In addition to the First Hospital, the Jiaxing Museum and the international tennis center, Nanhu district boasts many tourist attractions such as Nanhu scenic area, Yuehe (Moon River) block and Meihuazhou scenic spot.

Nanhu district has been devoted to building a fair, steady and harmonious social environment, and improving people's sense of happiness, safety and satisfaction. It has won the honors of national civilized city, powerful district in education and advanced cultural district.