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Pillar industries in Jiaxing Science City see fast development

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 16, 2021

Three pillar industries in Jiaxing Science City, Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province have been experiencing rapid development in recent years, local media reported on March 15.

The science city has been boosting its micro-electronics, smart equipment, and biological medicine industries by attracting large-scale projects in the past two years.

Micro-electronics is the most prominent industry in Jiaxing Science City, where a group of high quality companies have started operating, including three listed companies.

Last year, the output value of the micro-electronics industry in Jiaxing Science City totaled 26.6 billion yuan ($4.09 billion), making up half of the total industrial output value in the science city.

Jiaxing Science City also introduced a group of integrated circuit projects, with a full industrial chain for integrated circuit featuring design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing taking shape.

Another pillar industry in Jiaxing Science City is biological medicine. It now houses 104 bio-pharmaceutical companies, with the total output value of its biological medicine industry reaching 9.1 billion yuan.

A biomedical industrial park is expected to be built in Jiaxing Science City, focusing on pharmaceutical biology, medical devices, medical tests, and clinical data analysis.

Construction on the second phase of Pingqian Internationa (Jiaxing) Modern Industrial Park began last month, which is expected to focus on high-end equipment manufacturing, auto parts, semiconductors, and medical devices.

Jiaxing Science City will focus on these three pillar industries to continue attracting more heavily invested projects this year.