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Jiaxing Science City

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : May 8, 2021


Jiaxing Science City is home to more than 450 companies, four incubators, and two maker spaces. [Photo/jiaxing.gov.cn]

The Jiaxing Science City was founded in 2003 and has a planned area of 3.65 square kilometers. In 2015, the industrial park received approval from the provincial government to expand to 29.5 sq km.

The area is currently home to more than 450 companies, including 116 companies above designated size, 15 listed companies, four incubators (including one national incubator), and two municipal maker spaces.

The industrial park focuses on the new-generation information technology and high-end manufacturing industries, is developing biotechnology, flexible electronics, virtual/augmented reality, and other emerging industries, and is cultivating a science and technology service industry involving techfin, technological detection, and science and technology service agents.

The Jiaxing Science City is a National Demonstration Base for Business Startups and Innovation, an International Innovation Park of the National Internet Industry, and a National High-tech Service Industry Gathering Zone for Inspection and Testing around Hangzhou Bay.

Contact: Shen Xixia, +86-13806731270

Address: 473 Yazhong Rd, Nanhu district, Jiaxing