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Wang Yangang

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : May 12, 2021


Wang Yangang is engaged in the research of new catalytic materials and technology. [Photo/cnjxol.com]

Wang Yangang works at the green ecology and low-carbon energy technology research center of Jiaxing University and has been on the list of the world's top 2 percent of scientists foroutstanding performance in material science and analytical chemistry.

Wang is engaged in the research of new catalytic materials and technology and has undertook major research projects, including those funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province.

Wang has published more than 100 papers as the first or corresponding author in internationally renowned journals. He has also obtained two authorized invention patents.

The list of top scientists was created by Stanford experts on the basis of standardised citation indicators like information on citations, h-index, co-authorship, and a composite indicator from nearly 7 million scientists around the world.