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Cultural exhibition hall opens in Jiaxing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Nov 29, 2021

The Jiaxing Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall opened at Wensheng Monastery in Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province, on Nov 20.

The main exhibition area of the hall shows off various items from Jiaxing featuring ingenious designs, including Xiashi colorful lanterns, black pottery, candles with dragon and phoenix designs, pankou (cloth buttons usually made into the shape of flowers by silk thread and copper wire), painted eggs, and embroidery.

The folk customs exhibition area of the hall uses the traditional rural residential buildings of the city to demonstrate the local intangible cultural heritage items relating to agricultural life, including mud-made stove paintings and straw-plaited articles.

In the audio-visual room visitors can watch a Haining shadow puppet show, the Pinghu-style performance of playing traditional pipa, a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard, and Haiyan tune, a traditional style of opera from Haiyan, a county in Jiaxing.

A special manual experience area allows visitors to try out the making of Jiaxing's intangible cultural heritage items.

As of July 2021, Jiaxing was home to two representative works of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity (Chinese mulberry silk weaving and Haining shadow puppet show), as well as 15 national and 70 provincial intangible cultural heritage items.

In addition, the city is currently home to 83 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage items at national and provincial levels.