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Jiaxing-made smart rest cabin popular among Olympic journalists

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 15, 2022


A journalist disinfects a rest cabin before using it during the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. [Photo/cnjxol.com]

The intelligent rest cabin made by Jiaxing-based Keeson Technology Corp Ltd proved popular among journalists at the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, which ran between Feb 4 and March 13.

The 20 rest cabins designed and produced by Keeson Technology – Hunan University Sleep Experience Center were placed in public areas, including the media center, during the Games for journalists to rest and work at.

The cabins are equipped with beds, office tables, disinfection supplies, ventilation fans, and eco-friendly disposable bacteriostatic bed sheets. Journalists can use the cabins free of charge by scanning the QR code pasted on the cabin door.

The beds in the cabins are the same as the intelligent beds used by athletes. In zero-gravity mode, the bed raises the user's legs to the same height as their heart. They can also alleviate snoring by adjusting the height of the user's head and function as an alarm clock by lowering or raising at a specified time.

Founded in 2005, Keeson is capable of manufacturing 2 million sets of intelligent beds each year. It has established subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Asia and exports its products to 48 countries.