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Jiaxing goldsmith goes viral online

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated : Mar 28, 2022


Goldsmith Zhou Jinyun, a Jiaxing resident, has gone viral online in recent years for his warmheartedness and honesty.

Zhou was confounded by his sudden popularity. On a daily basis, Zhou's cellphone is flooded with inquiries and reservations to remake gold ornaments, and most customers learned about Zhou via videos on the popular social media app Xiaohongshu.

They all agreed that Zhou's handiwork is not only of much higher quality than other goldsmiths, but he also charges less than most of them. Fang Han, a young girl from Hangzhou, said that she has been looking for a qualified goldsmith, but wasn't satisfied with any of them until she met Zhou.

Zhou has been a goldsmith for 25 years. In 1997, he left Fujian province for Jiaxing, Zhejiang province to work as an apprentice under his brother-in-law.

In 2006, Zhou set up his own store. However, back then silver and goldsmiths were less in demand and Zhou pursued the career path solely out of passion.

"There is always a need for goldsmiths, but there seems to be a lack of them nowadays," noted Zhou.

With few customers, Zhou started focusing on improving his craftsmanship and designs. Over the past decade, he has designed dozens of gold ornaments, all of which have proved popular, especially among younger generations.